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2xN was enlisted to enhance Dr Sharon Wong's presence and image on social media as well as launch YouTube and IGTV channels.

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Dr sharon wong

The Challenge

Dr Sharon Wong runs a busy dermatology and hair loss practice, her brief to us was a little different. She was looking to enhance her presence and image on social media as well as launch YouTube and IGTV channels.

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The Strategy

2xN started by conducting thorough market research into exactly what Sharon's followers wanted to see, what they wanted to know more about. Armed with this information we put together a filming schedule and robust content plan to roll out over the coming months.

Market research - the most vital phase as it informs the strategy

Social media strategy - bring Sharon Wong into the social arena with a bang

Paid and organic - blending the fundamentals for digital success

Content creation - video, photography, audio to give the viewers what they want.

man in red shirt holding black video camera


The Result

The 2xN team successfully launched Dr Sharon Wong's YouTube channel and gave her Instagram account a fresh new look, capitalising on the use of IGTV to grow her following and increase her reach. This was done in conjunction with a well executed Facebook campaign, sharing content into relevant groups and engaging with fans as the comments and likes rolled in. Since launching these campaigns in September, Sharon Wong's instagram page has seen a 54% increase in followers and a regular rise in post engagement.

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