Which is more important – marketing the product or the product itself? Whilst the product or service is critical to the sustainability of the business and long-term success, poor branding and visibility in the digital era could render your product almost completely irrelevant.

It could even be argued that marketing is more important now than it ever has been before.

With an explosion of growth of the digital arena comes a corresponding increase in customer research. Potential customers are more informed and discerning than ever before when it comes to making decisions about the product or service they are after – but the vast amount of information available online can make it very hard to decipher what is true, accurate and relevant. It falls on the marketing team to help potential customers or clients navigate that avalanche of data, ensuring leading products and brands are accurately represented online and making them more accessible to customers and clients.

Build the vision

Content is king – the age-old saying is as true as ever. Consumers want to be part of a community, whether that is patients looking for a healthcare service, customers searching for a product or individuals looking for an online service, and more often than not they want that community to be visible on social media. One of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure your brand is associated with relatable, interesting and accurate content, where the consumer feels it is personalised to them.

Consumers spend approximately 48% more when their online shopping experience is personalised, echoing the overwhelming opinion among the marketing community that personalised and relatable content is the future of marketing.

Position against competitors

It is highly likely that your competitors have some sort of marketing as well. Don’t get left behind and, better than that stay ahead of the game! Marketing is such a great way to position yourself as an industry leader and create a strong online reputation for your brand. This is achieved by generating regular, interesting, engaging content, content which your potential clients will find is of value to them. Give them something that they can’t get elsewhere. Make it unique!

Building online rapport and relationship

Marketing campaigns can deliver to your potential customers an online personality, a personification of your brand. This in turn encourages these clients to build a rapport and create an emotional connection to your brand. This may be linked to the individuals behind the brand or the brand itself. The emotional connection is key as people buy from people. The more connected an individual feels to a brand the more likely they are to convert a browse to a purchase. Furthermore, over time the connection will develop to trust and trusted brands tend to receive long term success. This can be linked to a variety of reasons including the fact that consumers who trust in a brand will not on become retuning, long-term customers but also be your word-of-mouth brand champions – they will help sell your product through recommendations.

Shows success

A strong marketing campaign can help showcase the success of a brand and in turn the product. It highlights the budget available to deliver a campaign which is only possible with prior success (or for a start-up investment in the idea). If a brand is perceived as successful then others have previously bought into it. Human nature dictates that we don’t like to miss out (enter the FOMO concept!). Therefore, you want to be part of the hype!

To summarise – the product is vital to long-term success but the perception of the brand or product (i.e. the marketing) comes before this! The product must deliver what the marketing promises but the no-one will get to try the product without the marketing…it sounds a little bit ‘chicken and egg scenario’ but in this instance we believe marketing comes first.