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PR and Communication

2xN goes beyond media outreach and press acquisition, we maximise campaign impact by infusing social media, brand marketing and creative consulting into all of our campaigns.

Tell your story with imaginative PR & branding campaigns

We believe in implementing strategies that honor authenticity while elevating each brand to new levels.

PR and Communication

Our dedicated PR team work with clients whose interests span across various aspects of specialities utilising every relevant channel for their brand.

Our main focus is brands that aim for a more digital and online presence. Ensuring our clients expectations are fulfilled, by providing a personal, creative and efficient service, with excellent international press and influencer affiliations.

As a leading UK public relations firm, 2xN has built its reputation on consistent innovation, effective strategy, and lasting results. Leveraging close working relationships within its home and national media markets, the agency is known for game-changing campaigns that position clients at the top of their industry.

We work hard to keep our clients relevant and aspirational. The 2xN portfolio is built with integrity and belief in the aims and ambitions of each individual client.

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Utilising the collective expertise of our team, we create strategic plans to heighten exposure and enrich clients’ public relations stories.

With a 360° approach to campaigns, we provide each client with a tailored program to increase brand awareness and produce measurable results.

Let's get you recognised!

PR is powerful, we can help you all the way.

Brand Strategy

2xN connects real humans to honest brands through strategic thinking, clear messaging and effective design.

The strongest brands start with shared meaning. These memorable brand experiences inspire both your customers and your employees. When your brand is driven by your audience and their understanding, that’s how you can truly deliver on your promises.

2xN are a creative branding agency with a wealth of experience designing beautiful things for brands. Located in London, we've grown over the years to become a harmonious team configured to design, develop and deliver extraordinary work.

Our purposefully process gets to the heart of what your brand needs, while keeping your team engaged every step of the way. We build solid brand foundations and smart identity systems.

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Our team of storytellers, brand experts and strategists focus on intriguing storytelling.

Allowing us to distil equity in messaging to assist both new and established brands navigate the ever increasing complex business landscape allowing you to maximise impact and expand your audience reach.

Let's get people interested!

Let us dig deep into your brand.

Video Production

Creative videos can take on many forms and have a variety of different uses depending on your end goal.

Our team can produce beautiful, emotionally compelling, share-worthy content for forward-thinking brands.

Video content is proven to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales. As your video marketing agency, we’ll work with you to craft a custom video strategy with ROI as the defining metric.

Your video journey will begin with us by a simple conversation, where you’ll kick off your project and share the goals and details that will set us up for success. Then, our production and creative teams will get to work on your creative concept and the logistics required to bring your vision to life.

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By being authentic, you can show the world who you really are.

We work with companies large and small and guide them to deliver effective and insightful films that move audiences and hit targets.

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Employing a well-tailored hands-on approach, 2xN can help you and your brand by conceptualising, developing & producing customised audio content.

Currently, podcasting is a great advertising platform. It is seen as an intimate, in-depth medium that grabs and holds listeners’ attention for over 20 minutes at a time. It’s not surprising that brands are seeing the opportunity to speak to their audiences in new and exciting ways.

We are on hand to help brands to create podcasts which people genuinely want to listen to, harnessing the power of audio to achieve measurable success with this exciting platform.

Our team will take the essence of a brand and bring it to life in audio.

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Are you interested in starting a podcast to showcase your brand? 

Our team have the right mix of expertise and insight to create podcasts that will reach your audiences with the right information, and keep them listening.


Let's get people listening!

Start your podcast journey today.