Content is king but what are the top tips for writing great content? Put simply, content is important. It is good for SEO, increases website traffic and encourages engagement with your brand. Take a look at our blog post on the advantages of content here to explore more reasons as to why good quality content can help your business prosper. But how do we actually write great content? Take a look at the following tips. 

Know your audience

Who will be visiting your site? Existing customers? Potential customers? Understand who they are and what they want from you. The key is to make the content relevant for all types of audience you are targeting.

tips for writing great content - 2xn

Provide relevant information

Make the content valuable and relevant. If customers or potential customers do not find what they are looking for then they will bounce off your page and on to a competitor’s website. Remember less is more, website visitors like to skim read so having more quality and less quantity counts.

Use the ‘inverted pyramid’ method

Put the main points at the beginning of the page and work backwards. Visitors will then see the most important information first which is followed by supporting details. Keep visitors happy using this method so they avoid scanning content that is not relevant to them.

Use conversational English

Write your content as though you are speaking directly to your customers. Potential customers are more likely to contact you if you have a friendly and informal tone rather than a load of corporate jargon which they might not understand.

Tips for writing great content - 2xN

Check for grammar and spelling mistakes

Whilst it is good to have an informal tone, do not get too relaxed – double check all content for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ask a colleague to proof-read the content or check with fresh eyes after having a break.

Write with confidence

You know your business better than anyone, so show it! Do not be afraid to write with authority and confidence. Customers and potential customers want to know that you are experts in your field, this way they will trust you and your business.

Use images and headings

Images and headings are a great way to break up text, they use the white space on a page making it easier on the eyes. Keep images relevant to the content.

Leave the visitor wanting more…

End the content with a call-to-action, give the visitor an easy way to get in contact with you to find out more. On that note…

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